Stages of interior designing

Design cost
Design time
Easel Painting

Stages of interior designing:

1. Meeting with the investor.
2. Making an inventory of a building or an inspection of the     premises.
3. The initial stage of a design: concept development
4. Investor approval of the design concept.
5. Design proper:
    - Functional design: plans
    - Interior design: plans, indoor elevations, wall views
    - Floor design, Ceiling design with lighting
    - Colour scheme
    - Designs of individual pieces of furniture or a selection from       the catalogues of well-known manufacturers
    - Arrangement of lighting outlets, sockets and switches
    - Arrangement of water supply and sewage disposal points as       well as lay-out of heating elements
    - Selection of windows and doors
    - Selection of wood and stone panelling, carpeting, wallpaper,       glass and tiles
    - Lamp selection, selection of kitchen and bathroom        appliances, Curtain material selection
    - Painting, graphic art, stained-glass windows
    - List of suggested companies to execute the design
    - Option: consultation and assistance in material selection
      in showrooms, galleries and shopping arcades.